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Places Ft. Raquel Castro

Director : Shal Ngo (Acres New York)
Color Grade/Correction : Christos Zoumis
Starring: Xenia Ghali, Raquel Castro and Ryan Kelley
Styling : Fani Polychroniou
Hair : Konstantinos Papadopoulos
Make up : Maria Dimopoulou
Accessories : Boudoir by Dennis P
Choreographer : Loni Landon

Under These Lights

Director : Sherif Francis
Producer, Creative Director : Xenia Ghali
Art Director, Styling : Fani Polychroniou
D.P. : Max Papadopoulos
Color Grade/Correction : Christos Zoumis
Editor : Vassilis Tzanis
VFX : Aldo Rada
SFX (Movie Cut) : Anthony Georgou
Concept : Xenia Ghali, Lynnwood, Max Papadopoulos
Hair : Konstantinos Papadopoulos
Make up : Maria Dimopoulou

Get Dirty Ft. Wyclef

Director : Sherif Francis
Creative Director: Xenia Ghali
Art Direction & Styling: Fani Polychroniou
Choreographer : George Ntagiantas
D.P : Nicholas Wise
Editor : Vasilis Tzars
VFX : John Katehis
Color Grade/Correction : Christos Zoumis-Rena Papoutsi
Production Design and Fabrication: AL-KEMYSTYK

Broken Ft. Katt Rockell

Director : Sherif Francis
Choreographer : Giannis Fotou
Editor : Vasilis Tzars
VFX : John Katehis
Styling: Fani Polychroniou


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